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  Quality Assurance


Project Overview:
This is a trading system designed to meet the requirements for handling and managing trade orders. Using this system one can acquire a quick overview of the order situation, both in particular securities and groups of securities. The system handles orders from the Order file, which are not processed by an automatic execution system. The application also handles messages sent regarding order status, etc., the so-called "admin" messages. Using this system the brokers can focus on the orders that are of interest to them. Orders coming from the Order File go to the Order book and are displayed in the application windows. Dot NET technology has been used to facilitate the user interface.

Database Integration

Technovision had been assigned a major assignment by an International Corporate Finance group in Morristown, NJ to develop integration projects for management, reporting purposes. The following were the four major assignments completed to that effect.
New Hyperion HFM system development
Intercompany Reporting Project.
Hyperion HFM Data translation Project
Hyperion HFM Data Consolidation project

Object Oriented Technology

A major brokerage firm needed to build a hybrid market mission critical trading floor system consisting of electronic and traditional auction based trading system. Hybrid combines the electronic with the auction market. Hybrid market initiative has high level business requirements associated with broker interests, specialist interests, priority, parity and yielding rules, sweeps, open book updates, liquidity replenishment pointes, quoting, layered "G" Quotes, repeat trades for elected stock and changes in manual and automatic execution allocation.