"Quality assurance is best considered as an attitude to work rather than an external testing system."





  Life Sciences
TechnoVision has the technical and business expertise necessary to deliver critical solutions that meet the specific demands of organizations within the Life Sciences sector.

By pairing our Technologists with compliance specialists, TechnoVision has effectively delivered information technology and Business Process Solutions that enable companies to effectively manage their clinical trial information, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance regulations pertaining to electronic document submission for New Drug Applications as well Process Automation Techniques.

Our Mission Critical Services are geared towards three distinct sectors within this Vertical:

Bio Technology
Medical Devices

Some work undertaken by Technovision for our Life Sciences Clients:


Statistical Analysis Application development and support for one of the top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in NJ, during its Phase I, II, III, of Clinical Trials, related to new drug submissions

Technovision conducted a Business Process Analysis within a Laboratory Information Management System for a Pharmaceutical Client.We worked with the entire internal team, in upgrading the entire business process, right from gathering information, documenting, establishing best practices and writing and executing the various protocols.


Information Technology and process analytical technology (PAT) applications to bio-processing include: total process control (TPC), smart rooms, remote sensing, data loggers, process analytical technology, computerized maintenance systems (CMMS), and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) and regulatory oversight.


The above diagram illustrates our stand on the importance of Quality processes, and how it integrates to the total Bio-Pharmaceutical Process.